Porch, windows, and stairs… Oh my!

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Lightning Rod Installation

In our video, Metal Roof, Part II, we touched on the installation of our lightning protection system. Here is a much more detailed video on how we installed it.

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Metal Roof, Part II.

Let’s finish up the roof!


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Farm Visit: Umapine Creamery

Today I had a great time catching up with old friends and long time dairy farmers Brent and Yvonne Carroll!  My family hauled their milk when they dairied near Milton-Freewater, OR in a little town called Umapine.


During my last summer before I joined the Coast Guard, I actually spent time with them on their farm, learning about dairying ,and as Brent recalled, “asking a million questions.” The first time I drove a tractor was there as well, a 1949 International Farmall C, probably what started my love affair with the Farmall brand! They were a big influence on me, and one of the reasons I decided I wanted to become a dairy farmer…


Eventually, they sold their dairy farm. But, in a round about way, after five years of absence, Brent and Yvonne found themselves back on their farm. Their son, Tyler, is now the dairy farmer, but Brent and Yvonne branched out and established a farmstead creamery that makes amazing cheeses from their son’s milk. Talk about full circle!!!


It was almost surreal to be back on a farm I hadn’t been on in 18 years… To see the things that have changed, and to see the things that haven’t!


Of course, the biggest change was the addition of a farmstead creamery! I thought the processing and aging rooms were laid out very thoughtfully with a retail space too. Made us think more about how we want to lay out our dairy and processing areas.


They were so wonderful taking the time to answer all our multitude of questions about cheese, marketing, and direct sales. It was sure great catching up with the Carroll’s! We look forward to visiting with them again!


And we of course had to have CHEESE!!!!! Yum!!!!


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A quick update on our 1971 Kenworth…

We’ll call this “Update IV and 1/2”

We’ve been really busy this summer working on the house, so I haven’t had many chances to work on our 1971 Kenworth K121. But, I did get a chance to finish up the cab jacking hydraulics. After some slight difficulties that can be attributed to operator error, I managed to jack the cab successfully!


Look at that sky! That’s smoke from all the wildfires in the West this summer. A very bad fire year…

Anyway… I was elated with my success, but admittedly, I didn’t have the guts to jack it “over center” which is the point where the cab would want to naturally fall forward. In a functioning system, this would all happen in a completely controlled manner.


The orange lines are the new hydraulic lines. The black and silver device at the bottom-left of the picture is the “Power-Packer” pump that lifts the cab. One of two hydraulic cylinders is at the upper-right of the photo. It was nice to be able to jack the cab and get a good look around of the the engine. I haven’t really had this opportunity before. The engine is a Cummins V-903. It’s an engine people either love or hate. Personally, I’m partial to them. I’ve run them in the Coast Guard. This engine would have originally come painted a charcoal grey.


With the cab jacked, I went ahead and took the opportunity to change the air filter. I’ve had the new one for quite some time, but being unable to jack the cab, I couldn’t access it. At least now the truck can breath some fresh air…



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House update: Metal Roof, Part I.

Bit by bit, the house is coming together!

It was miserably hot while putting on the roof! Luckily everything came together and we were able to get the roof on safely.

Stay tuned for Part II, where we finish it off with a ridge cap and other metal trim, as well as a lightning protection system!

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Making Hay with a Farmall Cub!

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