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The calves are still alive!

So, we’ve had the calves for a few weeks, and they’re doing great! Being an introduction into husbandry for us, we’ve definitely had questions along the way and some concerns and worries too. It’s been a bit of an emotional … Continue reading

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Our house is becoming a home.

With the drywall done and painted, we turned our attention to the wood floors. This is something else we hired out. Could we have installed our own wood floor? Yes. Could we have done as good of job as the … Continue reading

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Work continues on 12!

Yes folks, between building a house and bringing baby Jerseys onto the farm, I still find time now and again to work on 12. The first order of business was seeing if it would start. It had been sitting all … Continue reading

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Holy cow!

This has been a long time coming. It was way back in 2007 when we really decided we wanted to have a dairy. Since then, we’ve been continuously working towards that goal. We made a major turning point this last … Continue reading

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House videos catchup!

  We’re so far behind on posting our house videos! Mea culpa! So, here they are! Enjoy!

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2017 Bluecreek Weather Roundup

Here are some numbers from our farm for 2017. For comparison, I’ll follow with 2016’s numbers in parenthesis. Precipitation: 18.42” (21.48″) Maximum temperature: 101.1ºf (98.7ºf) Minimum temperature: -15.9ºf (-5.4ºf) 8″ Maximum soil temperature: 72.7ºf (74.6ºf) 8″ Minimum soil temperature: 33.2ºf … Continue reading

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Rocking out to Rock Wool!

Plus, cutting more holes in our walls!

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